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The Blitz in Llanelli

Years 5&6 had a fantastic day today as part of their theme on The Blitz. Every pupil dressed up as a World War 2 evacuee as they visited Ty-Golau. ( )

Ty-Golau is a health and wellbeing facility for people aged 50 and over, many of whom have memory problems, alzheimer's or dementia type illnesses. 

Today they had a special World War 2 day where all the staff and teachers dressed up in costumes from that era. The children were able to see artefacts, listen about rationing and talk to some of the service users.

They then listened to the volunteers talk and demonstrate many aspects of the war including evacuees, women at war, the main characters and general life during that time. It was wonderful to see the pupils and service users interacting with each and they also enjoyed singing songs from that era.

Thank you to parents for dressing your child and also to the volunteers at Ty-Golau. 

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