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School Uniform

Please read the letter below sent to parents with regards to our school uniform on 13th July 2012

Penygaer Uniform

Dear Parent/Carer,


Over the past year I have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of children wearing school uniform, particularly in the Foundation Phase classes.

There are many arguments for and against uniform but I feel that consistency in school uniform will raise the profile of the school in a positive manner. It creates a sense of belonging and unity. A smart uniform presents an image of high standards and high expectations.  I’m sure you agree that this is what you want for your child.

I felt it was important that I should consult stakeholders in the school on the way forward with regard to uniform. My short survey last week revealed that 95% of parents agreed that pupils should be expected to wear uniform. Yesterday, the governing body fully agreed that we should change our policy on uniform.

Consequently, as from September I am requesting that all pupils wear school uniform every day unless there is a valid reason.

Your child’s name should not be printed on the back of a sweatshirt or hoody. This is a child protection matter (please consider the potential risks of a stranger with bad intentions finding out your child’s name). This issue has been discussed in several head teachers’ meetings and the Education Authority has agreed to instruct local suppliers of uniform not to print children’s names on uniform.  If your child already has his/her name on an item of clothing please assess the risk before deciding whether or not to continue using it.

Here is a list of suppliers in Llanelli. Click on the links.

Picton Sports

Manhattan Marketing

Claire Adams


Penygaer School Uniform

Red or White Polo Shirt  or White Blouse or Shirt

Red sweatshirt/Hoody/Red Cardigan

Black or Grey Skirt/Trousers/Shorts

Black Shoes/Dark Trainers

Black/Grey shorts can be worn in the summer or red gingham dresses as an alternative.


P.E. Kit
We are also slightly changing our P.E. kit policy. Pupils will be expected to change into kit when timetabled for P.E. lessons.


Outdoor during very cold weather 

black shorts or sgorts

white t-shirt/polo shirt

plimsolls/trainers (outdoor only)

Track suit/jogging bottoms

warm sweatshirt



Please ensure that all uniform has your child’s name on the labels. 

I appreciate that this is a big change but we trust that you will support us.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Anthony Stevenson