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Lead Creative School

We are a Lead Creative School!


In January 2024, we applied to the Arts Council of Wales to become a Lead Creative School, and we were very excited when we found out that we were successful in our application! We have been awarded a total of £10,000, spread over the next two years, to work with Creative Professionals.


The Lead Creative Schools Scheme provides opportunities for schools to explore new and exciting creative approaches to teaching and learning across the curriculum, supporting them to address issues, important development priorities and the needs of learners.


It aims to develop the creativity, aspirations and achievements of young people in Wales, opening up more opportunities for their future. It supports innovation and the development of long-term partnerships between schools and creative professionals. 


Why did we want to be a Lead Creative School?

Our teachers work very hard to deliver a curriculum which is engaging, inspiring and motivating for the children that we teach.
We also wanted to provide children with opportunities which help them to develop skills across the curriculum and the skills that they need to understand the world around them.
We applied to become part of the Lead Creative Schools scheme to give us the opportunity to further develop teaching and learning within our school, making sure that we provide the best possible outcomes for our children and helping them to become life-long learners. We recognise that different children learn in different ways; we wanted to provide increased opportunities for children to learn in their chosen style and to challenge them in new situations.


The Lead Creative Schools Scheme is funded by the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales. For more information visit