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Superhero theme

Our mind-map

The first thing we did was to create a mind-map exploring all the things that we would like to learn about during this half term. We came up with lots of different ideas that we can't wait to investigate.



On Wednesday we dressed up as Superheroes! We all had our picture taken and used ICT to import our pictures onto a superhero background. How cool is this!? We can fly! We also had a message from Dr Iceblaster. It sounds like we have a challenge on our hands over the next couple of weeks! 

Message from Dr Iceblaster!

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This is the first message we have received from Dr Iceblaster! We are looking forward to finding out what our challenge is on Friday!

Our Language work this week!

We enjoyed thinking of the Superpowers we would have if we were Superheroes. We even came up with some fantastic ideas on how we could use our powers. 


On Friday, we received the next message from Dr Iceblaster! We were very excited to find out what our challenge would be! 

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Superhero dance.mp4

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Here we are practicing our dance routine ready to defeat Dr Iceblaster. We think that we have won this challenge! It was too easy.

Today we have set up our role play area in the shed. We decided that it would be a good idea to have a superhero headquarters. Whenever we receive an emergency by email or phonecall, it is our job to phone the superheroes and get them to work! We have the chance to practice our oracy as we act out the scenario, we can practice our writing skills as we write down all the emergencies, and we can even practice our number recognition by using the phone numbers. We have really enjoyed this activity and look forward to having more fun in the shed over the next half term.

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Role Play 2.mp4

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In class we have been using our number skills to complete numicon city. We have been predicting how many numicon fit in each building and whether it may be more or less than another building. After we completed each building we worked out the total numicon that would fit. We really enjoyed this activity! 

This week we have been enjoying more superhero activities. First we enjoyed building a city in the tough tray for the superheroes to live in. Next we created comics. We really enjoyed this activity and we came up with some awesome stories! After that we practiced using speech bubbles by cutting out superheroes and adding them to a big sheet of paper. We had to draw speech bubbles for each superhero and enjoyed writing what each was saying.