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School Closure Activities

Blended learning timetable years 5&6 week beginning 14.12.20

To help you as parents the staff (if they and their family are fit and healthy) have been getting some activities together for the children to do while they are at home. Every Monday morning you will see new activities on this page. It may be best to print the sheet out at the beginning of the week but some of the sheets have links to web pages to direct you. There is no obligation for the pupils to do the work but I'm sure you'll find the more they are occupied the easier it will be. If possible, try to support your child.  

Some of the work requires stationery, paper or even possibly an exercise book if you want to keep it altogether. We fully appreciate it may not be possible to purchase these with the current restrictions in place for shopping and self-isolation. We live in a digital age and much of the work can be done on HWB where the pupils have access to J2Launch, Office, Google classroom and various other software. The pupils have had their usernames and passwords but if you cannot find them email and Mr Stephens will send them to you when possible.

Week 1 - 23.03.20

Week 1 - 23.03.20 PDF Version