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The Wonders of Llanelli

Over the past two days years 5 and 6 have been visiting various places around Llanelli as a part of their project on Our Wonderful World. On Monday they walked to Parc Howard, Llanelly House, St Elli Church, the Eastgate and various other places in town.

Today they continued their visits to various sites around Llanelli. They first visited Stradey Castle thanks to a guided tour by Claire Mansel-Lewis. They then walked five miles from Sandy Water Park to Penclacwydd looking at North Dock, Machynys Golf Course and the cycle path. Finally they called in Parc y Scarlets.

This will help them with their presentations on the last week of half term where they will present "The Wonders of Llanelli." 

Well done years 5 and 6, your behaviour was excellent in every place we visited.