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Radio Carmarthenshire Young Achiever Awards

We have some fantastic new. Two of our pupils won Young Achiever Awards at Radio Carmarthenshire's Gala event last Friday.


Morgan Beckett in year 4 won the Child of Courage Award sponsored by Olympic Wales.

Klaudia Piesecka who has just gone to secondary school this September won the outstanding progress award sponsored by Teaching elite and Intro-teach.


The school nominated these pupils and we are extremely proud of their achievements. 

Mr Stevenson and Mrs Williams represented the school on the night.


Mr Stevenson was quoted, “Morgan is a super lad who is brave, determined and often dismisses support as he can ‘do it himself’.  He recently had a nasty tumble when using his tricycle which resulted in him breaking his arm, he didn’t shed a tear and continued to smile through it all. He is a truly outstanding young person who is always happy and is very courageous in his attitude”.


Click here to see Morgan receiving his award.


About Klaudia Mr Stevenson said,  “Neither she or her family spoke a word of English when she joined in year 4. Clearly joining a class so late in the primary years was going to be stressful.  Slowly, she began to pick up words and phrases (including some welsh ones!).  Two years later, when it was time for her to leave Primary school for secondary school she was a fluent in English and excelled in all subjects, including Welsh.  She certainly stood apart as being the child that made the best progress.”


To find out more about the awards click here.