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National Library of Wales - Year 5

Year 5 had a fantastic learning experience today at the National Museum of Wales in Aberystwyth. 

When they arrived they were met by Owain Dafydd the Education officer. Firstly he talked generally about the library, when and why it was built. The pupils were enthralled hearing fascinating facts about the library.

They then had a tour into areas where the public are not allowed to go. The pupils were able to enter cells where important documents and artefacts are stored. They not only saw books but portraits, manuscripts, maps and other important historical items. They understood the importance of the library for Wales as a nation.

After lunch the pupils were actively involved in a workshop. They looked at 6 specific iconic items in the library. These were then sorted into chronological order. To actually see artefacts that were hundreds of years old enthused the children. They saw the first photograph ever to be taken in Wales, one of the original 12 Bibles that William Morgan translated into Welsh and also Hedd Wyn's actual poem that he won the Eisteddfod with before his death in World War one. 

Every child and member of staff leaving the library had had a marvellous experience and they will remember it for a long time.