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Mawrth Mentro Mas

29th November 2016 - Time to get festive

Today during' Mawrth Mentro Mas' we were able to explore length with the fantastic Christmas tinsel. We cut the tinsel in to metres and used them to measure things in the environment. We found things that were taller, longer and shorter than a metre. Some of us even found things that measured a metre! The tinsel proved to be a good tool for measuring as we could measure the thickness of the trees and the length of wiggly branches. We even learnt a wow word, as lots of us tried to measure the circumference of tree trunks! After lots of measuring, we decided to brighten up our outdoor classroom as the trees were looking sad without their leaves. We decorated the area using the christmas decorations and drank hot chocolate around the campfire to keep us warm. 

15th November 2016 - Puddles!

Today was a very wet day but it didn't stop us from enjoying our outdoor session. We made the most of the rain and enjoyed investigating the puddles. We spoke about the best ways to find out how deep a puddle is; how can we make sure our socks won't get wet! We used different things to measure the depth and looked at the different sized puddles on the yard. We found different loose parts around the yard and tried to transport the water to our mud kitchen, the water made our mud pies much more interesting! Before we went in to dry, we checked on our bird feeders from last week...all the seeds were gone! It turned out the birds must have been very hungry! 

15th November - Puddles

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8th November - It's raining it's pouring!

We know it is hard to believe but today was our first ever Mawrth Mentro Mas with rain, and what a wonderful time we had! We started the session by working together to build our campfire. We tried to light it but it was very hard so Mrs Peters had to help us out! Once the fire was lit we needed to build some shelters to help us stay dry. We learned about the effects that the seasons have on the woodland animals and made some bird feeders to hang in the trees. 

1st November 2016 - Chocolate Orange Brownies

When we arrived at our outdoor classroom today, we were surprised to see how much it had changed over half term. We could see many signs of Autumn. Today we cooked chocolate brownies inside orange peel on our campfire, it was a very messy job. We all tried the brownies, some of us thought they were delicious and some of us didn't! 

September and October

Here are some photos of the things we got up to during our first half term. We have really enjoyed our outdoor learning sessions, especially toasting marshmallows and cooking popcorn!